Amanda learns to code

Hello world!

I am learning to code. Here you will find examples of my projects and (hopefully) see the progress I make along the way. I'd love to chat about being a code newb and share resources with you. Feel free to get in touch. You can view my portofolio page here.

Recent projects

Personal website Portofolio website


Here you will find lost of useful links. Choose a topic and voilĂ  - a world of links will open.

The site I have found most useful of them all has been FreeCodeCamp. You can work your way through the "maps" and earn certifications. The site has a chatroom and a nice community willing to welcome and help beginners. If you want to learn to code, I would highly recommend it. If you happen to be based in Oslo or the surrounding areas, feel free to join the Oslo camp!

Code and connect with me

You can find me on the following code-related sites Github FreeCodeCamp CodePen
If you prefer regular social media, I'm there too! My LinkedIn My Twitter

You can of course reach me through email as well